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Welcome to the Linnhe web site.

I'm Mark S Baines and I live in the Highlands of Scotland with my wife Jane, and our daughter, Katie.

'Linnhe' is the name of our house, so why not our domain as well? 'Linne' is Gaelic for "a pool, pond, lake, gulf, bay" and we live on a bay. Those of you familiar with the west coast of the Highlands will know a body of water near Ben Nevis with that name. We fell in love with the Highlands whilst staying on the banks of Loch Linnhe before deciding to live in the Highlands permanently.

My interests are varied but an important one is amateur astronomy. This website was initially set up to provide construction details for Linnhe Observatory.

Extensive details of how Linnhe Observatory was built in the summer of 2001. If I can do it - so can you!

A few documents I use which you may find useful - Constellation Observation Guide, expanded NGC/IC 2000.0 Catalogue.

Oh, and some phone ringtones I made from Marillion and Dave Brubeck music.

Modifications I've made to the JMI NGF-S focuser handset and Meade handset.

My Thunderbird email program extensions and some modifications to its user interface.

My Firefox web browser user interface modifications.

Send me an email.


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